Samsung 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz M471B1G73DB0-YK0D0

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Тип паметDDR3
Размер на паметта8 GB
Скорост1600 MHz

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Samsung M471A1G43DB0-CPBD0

DRAM is extensively used as the main memory in virtually all computing devices, such as desktop and notebook computers. It is a type of RAM (random access memory), and is the most widely used semiconductor memory used in current generation computers, offering multiple advantages, such as structural simplicity, very high packing densities (number of bytes that can be stored per unit of chip area), low power consumption, and sufficiently high data read/write speeds. Several types of DRAM are presently available for deployment on notebook computers. With rapid developments in semiconductor memory technology, DRAM has demonstrated significant performance enhancements, resulting in a considerable overall performance improvement for the computing segment.

Because of their small sizes, notebook computers require components with the smallest form factors. Specific memory types have thus been developed to fulfill this need. DRAM for notebook computers is available in the form of a SODIMM (small outline dual in-line memory module), which has the smallest footprint and occupies a minimum of board space, yet delivers the same levels of performance as regular a DIMM used in standard desktop computers. DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory are available as SODIMM DRAM, and provide different physical designs and pin layouts for ease in visual identification. SODIMM DRAM is available in both buffered and unbuffered versions, and thus can be deployed in notebooks for home/office use as well as server-class machines. SODIMM DRAM also consumes much lower power. The latest generation DDR3 SODIMM operates at significantly low voltages, and is thus used on almost all mobile and battery-powered devices, such as notebook computers and portable media players.

As the world’s largest semiconductor memory manufacturer, Samsung has the widest range of SODIMMs for deployment on the broadest range of applications, such as portable/mobile computers, networking hardware, and smartphones, among others. Samsung SODIMMs are optimized to deliver the highest performance at the lowest power consumption levels in the smallest form factors, offering maximum reliability for the end application. They are the default choice for designers, system integrators, and OEMs for the majority of notebook and mobile computers across the globe.


Production Status Under Development Density 8GB
Organization 1Gx64 Refresh 8K/64ms
Voltage(V) 1.5V, 1.35V Speed H9, K0
Power C, Y No. of Pin 204
Bank/ Interface 8B/SSTL Component Composition (512Mx8)x16 Продукт известен още и като 8 GB DDR 3 L 1600 MHz M 471 B 1 G 73 DB 0 YK 0 D 0, 8GBDDR3L1600MHzM471B1G73DB0YK0D0, 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz M471B1G73DB0 YK0D0, 8GBDDR3L1600MHzM471B1G73DB0-YK0D0, 8 GB DDR3L 1600MHz M471B1G73DB0-YK0D0, 8GB DDR3L 16 0 0MHz M471B1G73DB 0-YK 0D 0
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